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Cartel Carnaval de Santoña 2024


The idea of staging the murga of the Parrandistas, "The Judgment of the bottom of the sea", was born in the framework of the meetings held by the Pro-Carnival Commission of 1982. 
"arose during the meetings held by the Pro-Carnival Commission in 1982, which was made up of the Peñas, the Hotel and Catering Trade and Commerce.
  At that time, the Santoña Carnival was taking its first steps after a long period of inactivity and one of the immediate needs was to provide content for the different festive days. Thus, the idea began to take shape that for the last day, instead of sticking to the conventional practice of the "Burial of the Sardine", the performance of the 1934 murga could be introduced. In this way, two benefits were obtained, one in terms of the innovation achieved and, secondly, the recovery of a popular literary composition that had been forgotten.
  The original text of the murga was recovered within the peña La Zarceta and one of its members, José Carlos Juncal, was in charge of adapting the contents to the needs of the moment of the staging.
  All the Peñas santoñesas collaborated in the preparation of the work. The Juan de la Cosa Peña made the stage, decorated with nets in which some mubles were woven; the Besugo was made by La Zarceta; and, in addition to these associations, the Ronceros, Vinikis, Banda de Cartón, Cántabros and Baninsa, distributed the task of making the first fish to be presented at the trial.
  Those fish were made of cardboard, carefully elaborated in their details, they were placed on the head, as a headdress, while pieces of fishing net were placed on the body as costumes.
  In successive carnivals, the performance grew in terms of scenery, incorporating new elements (frames, shells, seats...) and costumes, so that the fish as a headdress became a full-body costume.
  From 1990, the responsibility of directing the staging of the Judgement passed to the association La Machina, who was in charge until 1999.

Since 2004 the Peña Los "Rayitos" has been in charge of directing and preparing the performance.