The "Judgment" was born as a metaphor in defense of life, of the environment in which we live and that we seem to appreciate so little.

Jose Carlos Juncal Ibaceta

Trial at the bottom of the sea "a metaphor in defense of life"

Some of the boys and girls who in this new millennium represent the  "Trial at the Bottom of the Sea" came to life when other fish-people  publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the aggression suffered by the marine environment  back in 1982.

The "Judgment" was born as a metaphor in defense of life, of the environment in  which we live and that we seem to appreciate so little. The old murga that "Los Parrandistas" sang  was the necessary excuse to publicly denounce a  situation  that, if it was bad then, is no better now.
Pollution has grown in  the bay, the carracachos have disappeared as a result.

  Muergos are practically extinct after an abusive fishing with chemical, aggressive and irrational methods  that poison and suffocate the area. Trainas and gillnets continue to do their thing. The purification of wastewater in the different  municipalities on the shore of the bay continues to be nil. The little mouthful that remains is  crushed in spring, summer, autumn ... Ecological disasters hit us  anywhere in the world.

Twenty-three years have passed but we continue like yesterday. The media  wake us up every day with polluting spills, sinking  oil tankers, lost or damaged nuclear submarines that threaten their radioactive cargo  .

  The message that the "Trial" is trying to convey remains, therefore, in force. It is  aimed at a population that lives in direct relationship with the sea. In one way or another  it conditions us. What would Santoña be without its fishing fleet, without industrial or artisanal anchovies and  bonito, without rods and tackle on the machinas, on the breakwaters, on the bridges or on the breakwater? What would the bay be without the  species that can still be fished? What would it be without clams, without snails, without  oysters, without mussels, chambers, shoemakers, stuffed, cuttlefish, cuttlefish, red mullet, alligots, seabass, shrimp, durdos, arrayatados, pouts, paint tails, witches,  furniture, stripes, scrapers, save us , octopuses, porretanos, limpets, doradas, ... What to do, as has already been tried, an artificial fish farm when we have it natural? The  bay , the sea in general, is an ecosystem that produces immense but not inexhaustible wealth  . Let's exploit it rationally, without unnecessary aggression,  without crushing it. Let it produce respecting its nature, fishing by  hand.

  The "Judgment at the Bottom of the Sea" is the forum used by the mute inhabitants of  the sea to tell us through the voice that we lend them, that they depend on us, on our coherence and on our respect for an environment that it is common  so  that neither they nor we disappear from planet Earth.

The visual arts and external beauty that surround the representation of the "Trial" with its  "Paseo del Reo" and the "Burial of the Sea Bream" would not make sense if its reason for being is lost  : its expressiveness, its denunciation, that reversal of roles that It is the essence of Carnival, that magic that makes the fish speak with our voice to tell us about  their problems, which are ours. To tell us about those sailors, boatmen and  shellfish that live with them. So that we do not forget historical events that occurred in  these waters, so that, ultimately, we do not break our relationship with the environment in which we live due to a poorly understood progress that can lead us to irretrievably lose the privileged environment that we have been fortunate to. to know and enjoy.
Jose Carlos Juncal Ibaceta
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